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Student Poster Contest

Accepted Undergraduate  Submissions (in the order of paper ID)

24: Wing Nam Gemma Ng, The University of Hong Kong. “Effectiveness Of Multimodal Hand Hygiene Interventions On Improving Hand Hygiene Practice Of Health-care Workers In A Rural County Of Southwestern China And The Factors Affecting Their Hand Hygiene Practice.

29: Hui Kei Sit, The University of Hong Kong. “Smoking Status, Factors Associated With Secondary School Students Smoking And Smoking Cessation Intervention In Yongping, Yunnan.

30: Kwan Ho Lau, The University of Hong Kong. “A Cross-Sectional Study Of Positive Mental Health And Risk To Depression Of Boarding Students In Rural China.

34: Cynthia Sin Nga Lam, The University of Hong Kong, and Guy Fones, World Health Organisation. “How Are Students Combating Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs)? A Review of Intervention Design in NCD Projects Initiated by Medical Students.

40: Grahyta Dhamayanti, University of Indonesia. Challenges and Successes in Improving Global Maternal and Child Health.

41: Joselito Fernandez, Our Lady of Fatima University. “Are you aware? : The Needs of Understanding Depression among Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Senior High School Students.

57: Wen Hao Cheow, University of Malaya. Pattern of Healthcare Utilization Among Adult Population in an Urban Community, Malaysia.

66: Lei Huang, Grace Yi, Carl Latkin, and Brian J. Hall, University of Macau. Fast Food Restaurant Density and Weight Status: A Spatial Analysis among Filipina Migrant Workers in Macao (SAR), People’s Republic of China.

77: Yan Yiu Yu, The University of Hong Kong. A Systematic Review of Psychotherapy for Family/ Caregivers of Cancer Patients.

78: Lucas Chun Wah Fong, The University of Hong Kong. Electric Cigarette for Smoking Cessation: a 2019 Update Review.

94: Wang Yeung Chan, Tsz Paak Chang, Yuen Chun Cheng, Tsz Ling Kum, Cheng Heng Nicholas Lai, Kwan Ho Lau, Vanessa Wing Kai Lee, On Chit Ling, Wing Nam Gemma Ng, Lai Ching Wong, and Tsz Chun Wong,  The University of Hong Kong. Belief and Help-seeking Preference about Perinatal Depression among Women in Prepartum and Postpartum Period in Yongping.

96: On Chit Ling, The University of Hong Kong. Assessment of Health Literacy and Associated Factors among Secondary School Students in Rural Yunnan, China.

99: Juan Wang, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. “miR-4497 Regulates PM1-Induced Inflammation in BEAS-2B Cells.

101: Anak Agung Ngurah Agung Pradnya Iswara Wirawan, Warmadewa University. Relationship Between Maternal Age On The Incidence Of Severe Preeclampsia In Pregnancy At Sanjiwani General Hospital Gianyar.

107: Caitlin Yeung, Daniel Sai Yin, The University of Hong Kong, and Maegan Yeung, University of Cambridge. Factors associated with early initiation of e-cigarette use and its impacts on e-cigarette smoking behavior.

122: Ida Ayu Gede Jyotidiwy, Nur Rachmat Satria, Indri Hapsari Susilowati, and Bonardo Prayogo Hasiholan, University of Indonesia. Musculoskeletal & Eyes Symptoms due to Posture while using Mobile Phone among Elderly and Young User.

123: Mili Patel, Krupa Prajapati, Kiana Charles, David Chung, Monica Habashy, Mike Kim, Monique Ortiz, and Arsal Zaheer, University of California, Los Angeles. Addressing Non-Communicable Diseases from a Sustainable Health Perspective in Maclovio Rojas, Mexico.

127: Wonjun Jang, Do Yun Kim, Ara Cho, and Sang Eun Jae, POSTECH. Treatment system for severe dementia patients using multi sensory stimulation.

139: I Kadek Irwan Setiawan, Anak Agung Istri Kaila Kirtaniya, and Kartika Sari, Warmadewa University. Metabolite Profiling and Wound Healing Activity of Gotu Kola Leaves (Centella asiatica) and Matoa Bark (Pometia pinnata) Extracts Using in Vivo Models.

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