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Global Health Student Poster Contest - Results

Competition Results

Three posters from each category were chosen by our international Advisory Group from different APRU universities and the host university for the final round of voting by registered conference participants on 15 to17 November 2021.


The winners are:

Undergraduate category

UG #178.PNG

Christian Aaron R. Ordas, Vianca Clarisse D. Baligaya, Ezekiel V. Custodio, Joan Faith C. Mendoza, Pamela Irish A. Razon, Florimae E. Paimalan, Daniel G. Salunga

University of Santo Tomas

Graduate category

Other finalists are:

Undergraduate category

UG #207.PNG

Jasper John P. Jariel, Marifa Louise C. Macaraeg, Dwight Angelo T. Polintan, Ryabelle Jesusa C. Sanchez, Maria Feliz C. Sastre, Daniel G. Salunga

University of Santo Tomas

UG #218.PNG

Yuqi Mi, Victoria A. Yeo, Elkie Y. K. Chan, T. K. Wong, Sigmund Luey, L. Y. Chan, K. T. Kwok, Aditya Prasad

The University of Hong Kong

Graduate category

G #214.PNG

Chin Kuen Yei, Mohammad Firdaus Bin Abdul Aziz, Ng Kee Seong

Universiti Malaya


  • More about the prizes of the Competition can be viewed here

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