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All payments must be made in Hong Kong Dollars by the following methods:

  • Online credit card payment: Visa / MasterCard

  • International Bank Transfer

    • A copy of the bank remittance receipt should be sent to the Secretariat by email once the bank transfer is arranged.

    • All inbound and outbound bank charges for remittance should be borne by the remitter and must not be deducted from the fee. Please give clear instructions to your bank. If charges are deducted and the payment received by the Organizer does not cover the total registration fee, the difference will have to be settled by the participant.

  • Personal or Company Cheque in Hong Kong Dollars payable to "International Conference Consultants Limited" (for local participants only). 

    • ​ Address: Unit C-D, 17/F, Max Share Centre, 373 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong 
      (Attn: APRU 2021 - Registration Department)

For enquiries regarding registration, please contact
Secretariat for APRU Global Health Conference 2021 
c/o International Conference Consultants Ltd

Tel: (852) 2559 9973
Fax: (852) 2547 9528

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