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APRU Working Group Meetings


Organised by APRU Global Health Programme and opened to all participants, there will be thematic working group meetings at the Conference to deep-dive into your areas of interest. Topics include:


1. Global Health Education and Technology

  • Chair: Muthusamy Kaneson

  • Title: Current and Future Uses of Technology in Public Health

2. Non-Communicable Diseases

  • Chairs: Martin Wong and KL Chien

  • Title: Challenges of Non-Communicable Diseases in Urban Cities: A Roundtable Forum

3. Environmental Health

  • Chair: Budy Haryonto

  • Title: Assessing University Environmental Health and Green Practices

4. Mental Health

  • Chair: Maosheng Ram

  • Title: tbc

5. Bioethics

  • Chair: tbc

  • Title: tbc

6. Migrants

  • Chair: Brian Hall

  • Title: tbc

7. Nursing

  • Chair: Erlinda Palaganas

  • Title: tbc

More details will be available in due course. 

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