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Alex Ng

Vice President,

Tencent Healthcare

Dr Alex Ng’s personal mission is to support the under-privileged, the under-served and make this world a more equitable place. He has been and is still experimenting with different approaches to achieve this mission.


He is currently leading Tencent’s healthcare business and redefining Tencent’s long term strategic direction in health. Tencent has already developed multiple products such as the wechat embedded mini-programs like “Tencent Healthcare”, AIMIS (AI enabled clinical decision support system for medical images), Oncology Assistant (AI enabled triaging system to better match cancer patients to oncologists), the question now is how best to apply these tools in the clinical settings and how to better tap into the potential of AI to improve healthcare access, quality and efficiency.


Dr Ng first started his career as a medical doctor where he was the chief resident at Middlemore Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand before completing his MPH at Harvard. He then joined McKinsey & Company in the US and later became an associate partner advising governments and healthcare corporates on their strategy and operations. After 9 years at McKinsey between US and China, he joined the Gates Foundation as the deputy director of the China Country Office, responsible for the health and innovation portfolio.

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